Am I too old to go to school for career training?

There is no age at which a student is too old to go back to school. There are plenty of students who go back to school after being in the workforce for several decades, especially if they are attending college to advance their career. For those who feel that they cannot afford it, there are plenty of grants and scholarships that are geared toward older adults.

Some older adults fear that they will feel out of place when they go to college. This will not be the case at all, since many colleges, especially community colleges, have a large number of adult students. Having older students at the university enriches the experience for all students involved by offering a broader range of perspectives.

The only situation where you might not wish to go back to college is if the main motivation is an increased income and a particular degree would not likely pay off. Students have to consider how much professions tied to a particular degree pay and must consider whether the long-term increase in income will justify the college education. Going into debt when it is unlikely that you will pay off the debt in your lifetime might be a bad idea.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t challenges to going back to school. Older students who do not have a strong familiarity with technology might struggle to complete assignments. Most degrees require that students develop some degree of technological competency. Since most instructors expect students to submit printed essays, students will usually need to at least learn how to use word processing programs.

Many universities provide additional assistance for students struggling with technology, including tutoring services and computer lab attendants.

Students might also find it harder to find time to study if they have family and professional responsibilities. One way to find more studying time is to carry a textbook around and read it whenever free time is available. Students will also find themselves with much less leisure time. While this might be difficult to give up, students should remember that this is only temporary and to remember the benefits that they will receive when they finally complete this journey.

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