As an adult, what kinds of opportunities do I have to upgrade my education?

An adult education program provide many advantages, most notably, increases in credentials and compensation. Additional benefits include a higher level of marketability and a multitude of employment prospects. There are many opportunities for adults to upgrade their education.

The answer to the what is adult school question is that they are learning institutions designed for adults, including specific training for a variety of student types. Most of them include study programs for those who desire to:

  • Complete high school
  • Finish a course of study
  • Further their education
  • Expand their career knowledge
  • Achieve a certain credential

Adult education schools usually provide general interest, continuing and other specifically designed study programs. There are a variety of options available for adults education students to choose from, including:

  • Community colleges
  • Trade or vocational schools
  • Online education programs
  • Four year colleges and universities

Community Colleges

Community colleges provide opportunities to earn associate degrees and are usually much less expensive than any four year university or college. In addition, the entry requirements for these schools are usually not as stringent. Because the classes are designed for adults, there are usually evening classes available. Courses are streamlined so that professionals and other workers may swiftly achieve their goals.

Trade or Vocational Schools

Trade and vocational schools offer specialized training that is tailored for a specific field. Most of these adults education programs are geared toward technical studies. Some of the professional training that is available in adult schools may include:

  • Nursing Aide
  • Plumbing or Air Conditioning Technician
  • Truck Driver
  • Food Service Preparer
  • Cosmetologist

Those wishing to become certified in their fields, or who enjoy hands-on work, may find programs designed around these professions preferable to others. There are also some community colleges and universities that offer adult education vocational programs.

Online Adult School Education

Adults have found that online education offers a convenient and effective way to fit school work into their schedules. As an alternative to traditional educational settings, these programs allow for a level of flexibility that other study programs cannot offer. For example, it is possible to attend classes and work on class assignments from any location, with a computer and Internet connection. In addition, costs are defrayed considerably in terns of transportation and book costs.

Also, online adults education programs often include required and sought after professional certifications in their offerings. There are a wide variety of accredited schools offering degrees from the associate to master degree level available through these online programs.

Four Year Colleges and Universities

Traditional higher education institutions also offer adult students with the opportunity to extend their academic credentials. These four year colleges and universities may either be run by private or public entities. What distinguishes them from other schools is their class sizes and tuition, which are typically much higher than other facilities. While public schools are less expensive, the teacher to student ratio may be low, which could be a factor for some adult school students.

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